Your eyebrows are responsible for shaping your face. They provide a frame for your eyes, nose, and lips, and they also help you show those lovely little expressions you have!

Unfortunately, though, not everyone was blessed with Elizabeth Taylor’s bold, beautiful brows. And it can be difficult for those with sparse, light, or patchy brows to get that same bombshell look.

There’s good news here, however. We’ve compiled some of the best tips around for growing, shaping, and grooming your brows right here! From microblading in Beverly Hills to growth serums, brow waxes, trimming, and more, we’ll let you in on the best brow secrets of the stars!

Tip #1 – Have a go-to quick fix for brow shaping and filling in.

There are numerous products out there for brow shaping and many that provide fill-in for sparse brows as well. Choose to go with something simple like a store-bought powder or pencil, or try a paint on brow gel or brow mascara.

If you’re worried about your brows getting misshapen and out of place, a brow wax can be helpful. Most waxes are clear, so they won’t impose any color on your brows, but they can help each hair stay perfectly in place.

Tip #2 – Try a growth serum.

Growth serums can help you if you’ve been a heavy-plucker or waxer in the past. Often, over-plucking and over-waxing can cause sparse areas in your brows that won’t grow back. Serums don’t work for everyone, and they can be pricey, so be sure they fit your budget.

Tip #3 – Give microblading in Beverly Hills a try.

Microblading in Beverly Hills is great for those who have sparse brows or who want to completely change their brows’ shape. For those who are struggling with a disease that causes hair loss, microblading can be equally helpful.

Essentially, microblading is a cosmetic procedure that uses an extremely small needle to penetrate the skin with ink. Only a licensed professional can carry out the microblading procedure. The process usually involves an initial consultation visit, during which you can choose the ultimate shape for your brows. Next, you’ll need a second visit to have the microblading procedure actually done. Finally, you’ll return to the office several days or weeks later to have the brows checked.  

Tip #4 – Use celeb photos to find the right shape for you.

Last but not least, know what brows you’re aiming for. Do you know what face shape you have? What type of brows would you like? Bold, thin, arched?

A great tip is to use pictures of celebrities to get a good idea of what brows you’d like to have.

If you’d like to improve your brows, try any of these tips to do so. Everyone should be able to have the brows of their dreams!