Glass door repair will be unique to the style of doors and type of glass that there is a problem with. It is most often the best and most cost efficient choice to simply replace the door entirely. However, this is not always true in the case of older buildings that would need a custom made door and or door frame. Glass doors are harder to work with because the glass itself cannot be repaired like a car windshield. However, there are many issues common to all glass doors. These will be related to the door frame or the mechanism that the door opens with, such as hinges or a sliding track.

Glass door repair when it is an issue with its seals is generally an easy fix. Over time rubber or silicone sealants breakdown, especially when located on a door that faces the exterior, and even more so when it gets a great deal of sunlight. This is most evident on older doors, whereas improvements to the materials used on new doors is more resistant to physical erosion. Similarly older glass doors that are framed or held by wood can develop issues with age because the wood warps, but the glass stays the same shape. This creates gaps. Today there are many types of glass used to improve doors aspects of insulation, security, sound reduction and physical integrity.

  • Float Glass – the modern practice to create any size of perfectly flat and consistent glass.

  • Annealed Glass – float glass that is cooled slowly to increase its strength, however breaks into large shards, and is rarely used as building material because of this safety hazard.

  • Heat Strengthened Glass – this type of glass shatters very easily and is used for building material only when it is laminated.

  • Fully Tempered Glass – is made from further processing annealed glass with extreme heat. The resulting material will break into granular pieces instead of shards. This is used on safety glasses.

  • Heat Soaked Tempered Glass – takes the process one step further to remove almost all microscopic imperfections from the glass, increasing its strength and vastly reducing the chances of it breaking.

  • Wire Glass – the type that has extremely thin lines of metal running through it. These are used on fire doors because the wire holds even broken glass in place and will continue to prevent the fire from spreading.

  • Insulated Glass – two pieces of glass are separated by an air gap, which insulates around 20% better than a single pane.

Glass door repair, no matter the strength or type of glass used, can still be caused when there are issues with the door structure itself. To properly understand why there is a problem with a door it is vital to use a level to check whether the door and door frame are even with the floor and or each other. The functioning of a door’s handle, or its sliding track is many times not because the handle or the track itself is broke, but because it is misaligned with the rest of the door’s components.