The crowdfunding industry initially gained popularity as it was the ideal solution for ordinary middle class employees to encourage giving in their community to fund nonprofit projects. The first crowdfunding India platforms saw initiatives to empower communities, educate the underprivileged and so on.

Eventually, platforms began branching out as individuals and organizations with different interests and causes caught on to the trend of raising funds online. Today, medical causes are the most funded campaigns in the country. Initiatives in films, music and other art forms also found the ideal solution for their financial crises with crowdfunding India websites.

In the West, the wackiest and most innovative projects garnered huge support quickly. We watched in awe as campaigns to create virtual reality headsets, a human powered helicopter, a mask that enables lucid dreaming, and so on, got funded rapidly. However, they had their fair share of cringe-worthy fundraising stints as well. We gaped in disbelief as Zack Brown raised thousands of dollars to make potato salad. We watched in agony as twenty-somethings across the US crowdfunded to throw lavish birthday parties.

India has a clearly dubious population of givers, who are constantly questioning the authenticity and urgency of fundraisers despite our tendency to give. Besides the usual nonprofit or medical crowdfunding campaign, what are some offbeat things you can run a crowdfunding India campaign (and actually get funded) for?

Turn your home green

There are thousands of nonprofit and medical campaigns out there, all vying for attention. Stand out of the crowd and run a fundraiser to turn your home eco-friendly. Climate change is real, and it’s time we gave back to something deeper than our communities or even the impoverished. Raise funds to afford provisions for rainwater harvesting, recycling, switching for energy and water-conserving fixtures and more!

Volunteer abroad

Many students turn to crowdfunding to afford their foreign university degrees, air travel and so on. Why not do the same to find a rich, rewarding experience in a different culture? Follow nonprofits in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and more and pick one that resonates with your favourite causes.

Empower a farmer

We’ve all heard enough of the crisis of farmer suicide. Lakhs of farmers have taken their own lives, overcome by grief over their own debt. There are few initiatives truly focused on teaching them sustainable farming techniques that can help them better their practice and make profits. Consider running a campaign to empower a local farmer by helping them pay for equipment or a store to sell their produce.

Start a network between nonprofits

Crowdfunding India websites like Impact Guru have witnessed thousands of nonprofits who ran campaigns. An observation was made; nonprofit organizations have plenty to learn from each other. They can exchange fundraising tips, management hacks, practices that help them in their projects and so on. Crowdfund to open an online portal that can bring them together!

Support an NGO that gives the gift of creativity to children

There are thousands of nonprofits toiling hard to provide quality education, adequate nutrition and sufficient healthcare to underprivileged children. What’s extremely rare and shouldn’t be are nonprofits working just as hard to give these children the best escape from their unfairly tough lives: creativity. Start a fundraiser for a nonprofit that gives free music lessons, dance classes, sports training or stocks a library for underprivileged children!

Happy crowdfunding!