The hip area, which is around the core, should always be strong enough to offer the necessary support. It is a sensitive area that does not require just any workout but only those that are carefully selected. Because of this, many people including athletes tend to neglect it or give little attention to the hip area.

For those who have been doing hip thrusts in the right way as part of various exercises, they know how beneficial they are. In addition to increasing the stability of the body for all other exercises, well-exercised hips prevent accidents that result from poor body form during training. For these reasons, you need to know these rules that will enable you to make the best hip thrusts.

Maintain Core Tension

As you exercise, it is important that you feel the tension no matter which direction you thrust the hips. This applies whether you are doing the bottom- or top-oriented hip thrusts. When the tension is maintained throughout the exercise, all core muscles are worked evenly, which prevents problems as you continue with the workouts. The common mistake here takes place when people release the core muscles when their bottoms hit the ground or during the bottom-oriented thrusts. This should be avoided by all means.

Pausing and Resting

Hip thrusts are exhausting. It is no wonder people avoid them during training. A beginner may give up easily before reaching the recommended reps if she or he does not take time to pause or rest. To avoid this, divide the training into fewer reps and allow several seconds for a pause between each rep. Before moving to the next set of hip thrusts for those with many sets in a single session, take time to drink some water or do something different for a minute or two as a break.

Use Different Foot Positions

When engaging in hip thrusts, it is always advisable to try different foot positions. For beginners, this may not make sense. But something to understand is that for one to work out every hip muscle, the thrusts have to come from different positions. And this is how one makes this exercise better and better.

Using different foot positions increases stability especially for athletes who are engaged in extreme training after taking enhancement gear from SteroidsFax or any other steroids retailer. The training that follows after these thrusts with different leg variations is usually very effective. Notably, it is also a motivating factor because you will enjoy every bit of the training.

Advance the Thrusts over Time

Any fitness training requires progress as the body adjusts and things become easier. Likewise, a person should either make the hip thrusts more difficult or add more reps over time. According to fitness experts, the progression of the hip thrust plan should be very gradual. Further, a wise fitness enthusiast may need to consult a fitness trainer about this exercise for best results.


Making sure that you are doing the best hip thrusts is very important. A few benefits have already been mentioned, and you should expect more. This is why you must follow these four rules because they are very helpful.