One of the best ways to travel with kids is in an RV. It allows you to avoid countless hours in the airport, expensive hotel fees, and unpacking and repacking every time you’re ready to head to a new location. Not to mention, it’s a much more comfortable way to travel because your RV feels like home!

However, there is at least one downside to traveling in an RV, especially if you’re traveling with kids. Spending hours on end sitting in the RV waiting to get to your final destination can be a real drag for them, and really annoying for you.

Make your trip more enjoyable, and pass the time more quickly, with these fun app ideas.

Reading Apps

Reading is always a great option when traveling. It’s an even better idea today because you can download reading apps instead of bringing along a bunch of clunky books.

Download a few different reading apps that can include:

  • Tikatok StorySpark is from Barnes & Noble, so you know it must be good. It allows kids to design and publish their own book online.
  • Bookster allows children to record themselves reading or listen to kids their age read books.
  • A Story Before Bed contains hundreds of stories with the ability to video record the reading of each one.

You can also download eBooks, if the children you are traveling with are a bit older.


HangArt is a great app because it will feel a little nostalgic to the adults on the trip. This fun game features a classic road trip favorite, Hangman. But, this interactive app takes this simple game to new heights.

Not only can you play in single or multiplayer mode, you can draw pictures and tell stories that relate to the game too. It’s a fun way to keep the kids occupied and get the adults involved while you’re passing the time.


There’s something endlessly satisfying for young people about taking selfies. Apps that allow you to modify your face are even more popular. MSQRD is one of the best apps in this space.

This app enables you to do a lot more than add a puppy nose to your face. Make yourself over as an astronaut, cover your face in glow-in-the-dark paint, or try on Superman’s laser eyes. There’s no doubt this app will provide plenty of fun ways to kill the time throughout your vacation.

Stack the States 2

Silly apps are a lot of fun, but learning apps are even better. One of the best, especially if you’re traveling in an RV, is Stack the States 2.

This app can quiz you on the capital of each state, it’s shape, and where it’s located. You can even get a 3-D view of various cities throughout the country. This app is a must-have if you’re traveling the country with kids in an RV.

Bored kids get into trouble. Make sure your children are occupied with these fun app ideas and the time you spend getting to your destination will go much quicker!