Cannabis is also used for the treatment of anxiety. People feel anxious about their number of people who are dealing with anxiety problem time to time. We can say that it is a normal emotion, but if we look at disorders, then anxiety disorders are different.  We can say that it is a type of mental illness which causes difficulty, and also it can be destructive and purse disturbance in the day to day life. A patient who’s suffering from the problem of anxiety usually has fear and worries.

Patients of anxiety have fluctuating emotions which are overwhelming and constant. Here in this article, we will learn about kinds of anxiety disorders. In the problem of anxiety people usually, suffer from a number of different conditions. One can get information about cannabis and Zenabis Medical Marijuana online and know about the benefits.

Types of anxiety

People deal with kinds of anxiety disorder. Here are some types of anxiety

Social anxiety disorder

Individuals feel self-consciousness, and there is a phobia. This usually happens in usually every social situation. Such people are mostly worried about people judging them.

Panic Disorder

Patients who are dealing with panic disorder feel terror. While dealing with panic attacks, patients feel chest pain and palpitations. Sweat is another common symptom that one face when dealing with the Panic disorder. Chocking and experience of heart attack is also common symptoms of having panic disorder.


There is a fear related to specific things like height, dark, water. Phobia can result in an anxiety attack. The fear is not normal but goes above the appropriate fear.

The cannabis oil works great with the cell receptors. Researchers have shown that cannabis oil can relive the problem of anxiety. CBD works for cannabis. And this is often suggested by many health care specialists.