Social Media apps and websites have become an inseparable part of everyone’s life now! Not only does it help you to while away your time doing nothing fruitful (well, most of the times); it also makes you the best stalkers!

You make sure you don’t forget to update even the silliest of things and share posts that make no sense at all. Not always do you understand how your viewers criticize your actions! We will help you stop it.

Let us have a look at certain things that make you look funny on social media.

  •    Wishing anniversary to your spouse.

While you write essays about your lover describing how beautiful your journey has been with him/her, and clip that with a mushy-mushy picture of you two, remember that it is not a mandate to let the world know about your anniversary, you know?

  •    Ranting every other day!

So you put up long speeches about something that irks you almost regularly. Well, contrary to your thinking, most people on the other end probably just laugh at all of that. Take a chill pill brother!

  •    Changing the profile picture 3-5 times a week

Changing pictures every alternate day would not make someone fall for you bud! Take it easy. It only depicts you are a little too obsessed with yourself. By posting the profile picture and cover photos too frequently, you may find a decrease in the number of likes for those images.

  •    Sharing only quotes

Say no to Plagiarism baby! Original lines mean something, don’t you think? Write your heart out when you need to, and maybe support the same with a famous quote, mentioning the person who quoted it!

We understand how balanced a person you are. That does not mean you have to be too goody-goody in every comment and post of yours. Chances are people will think you are fake and laugh at them!

Lots of social media users post something that is not realistic. You must not show your reaction to their posts.

  •    Talking about your pet more than people do

We all love animals, and maybe you do a lot more, but that’s okay guys! You DO NOT have to tell the world of how great an animal lover you are by posting stuff about your pets every other second. Humans are not that bad, no?

  •    Daily meals pictures

No, it is not at all necessary to post about the food that you are eating in the streets or at expensive restaurants every day. Some captions of yours or tweets can sound so funny that people will have a good laugh over them!

Most of the social media users love to have a snap of delicious dishes that they have enjoyed at restaurants. However, this is not the right moment to be shared with other social media users.

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  •    Expensive purchases

When you upload posts about every expensive purchase of yours, your viewers might just be laughing at you and judging you thinking you’re snobbish! You wouldn’t want that right? There is no need of informing everything that your purchase for your personal use. It will make you a funny figure to other social media users.

  •    Using all caps, spelling mistakes & SMS language

Trust us when we say, correct GRAMMAR is the sexiest of all. Long gone are the days when SMS language, broken English, or writing in all CAPS looked cool. Please stop that for God’s sake. Although there is a trend of using SMS language for online chat, you must try to avoid it. In some cases, the mistakes and SMS language produce a different meaning that makes your post hilarious.

  •    Liking your own posts

We mean, who does that bro? Obviously, you like your posts, and that is the reason why you posted, right? You do not have to and SHOULD not like your stuff. That’s again obsession! Let others like and share your posts.

  •    Tagging friends to get attention

Let us make this clear, when you are posting anything, your followers including your friends are viewing them by default. You DO NOT have to tag them separately you know? People will find that nonsensical and funny!

  •    Check-in Everywhere

We understand how you love travelling and want the world to know where you are. But your excessive check-ins for every other place that you go will only make your followers laugh at you and probably they’d think “why isn’t he/she checking in when in the loo”!